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eve_myles_fans's Journal

Eve Myles Fans
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Eve Myles Fans

Welcome to Eve Myles Fans. Like the name suggests, a community for the fans of Eve Myles, Welsh actress extraordinaire!

Now lets get the community stuff out of the way shall we?

As with any community we have a few rules:

Community Rules

1) Be respectful. Everyone is entitled to their on opinions. Bashing is not exceptable! Anyone found causing trouble or repeatedly bashing anyones views will be banned.

2) Be considerate. If you meet Eve by all means share but don't gloat and rub it in peoples faces.

3) Info and pictures on upcoming programmes is allowed but please put spoiler warnings and put it behind a cut.

4) Fanfiction about a programme Eve has been in is allowed. However please make sure Eve's character is the main character in the fic.

5) Icons, wallpapers etc are love but please put behind a lj-cut if there are more than 3.

6) Any media uploads (eg. episodes) must be locked.

7) Above all have fun! :)


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